Internal Exam

About Internal Exam

Drabya Shah Multiple Campus has a functionalized Internal Exam Committee to enhance the educational quality of the students and give timely support to the students. The committee has overall responsibility to manage and conduct internal examination. The internal examination has supported the students’ final year examination as well as other examination related services.

The internal exam committee

1Mr. Ahiam Raj JoshiCoordinator
2Mr. Nakul ThapaMember
3Mr. Sharan ShresthaMember
4Mr. Anjan BasnyatMember
5Ms. Sarmila ThapaMember


The main objective of this committee is to conduct the internal examination in a systematic and dignified manner. It also has aimed to improve the results of the annual examination and give feedback to the parents of the students about the evaluation of the examination in the future. So far, internal examinations of every level and class have been conducted twice a year with a definite action plan.

Action Plan

S.No. Level /class First internal exam Final internal exam
1XIMarg 2076Baishakh 2077
2XIIMarg 2076Chaitra 2076
3Bachelors 1stMagh 2076Ashadh 2077
4Bachelors 2ndMagh 2076Jestha 2077
5Bachelors 3rdPoush 2076Baishakh 2077
6Bachelors 4thMarg 2076Falgun 2077
7Masters 1st Semester  
8Master 2nd SemesterMagh 2076Chaitra 2076
9Master 3rd Semester  
10Master 4th SemesterMagh 2076Chaitra 2076