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QAA Report of DMC

Office location

Gorkha Municipality-9,Laxmi bazar Gorkha

Contact Info

Campus Chief: Ramchandra Duwadi –9856040288
Asst. Campus Chief : Eka Dev Adhikari—9856040787
Admi. chief: Sujan Kunwar –9856040788

QAA Final Report

Welcome to DMC

Drabya Shah Multiple Campus (DMC), established in 1985 AD under the affiliation of TU as a community based nonprofit oriented, non-governmental intuition, is committed to impart quality in higher education in Gorkha district. university-level education in Management, Humanities and Education which has been managed by a team of representatives from various sectors of the community.
Being the first community based campus in the district, it is playing leading role in the higher education of the region since its inception. It has produced thousands of qualified graduates working in various sectors both inside and outside the country. The campus has frequently extended and modified its programs to meet the changing needs of the community. Currently, the campus has run three programs (BA, B. Ed, and BBS) at bachelor’s and two programs ( MA and MBS) at Master’s Degrees.
Drabya Shah Multiple Campus has arrived in the final stage of Quality Assurance and Accreditation (QAA) process. It completed QAA cycle in 2020. The follow-up visit of the peer review team also seen was held on April 6, 2022 AD.

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Campus Organization Structure

Visual of Campus Premises

Dhiraj Bahadur Maskey


As a chair of Drabya Shah Multiple Campus (DMC), I am pleased to welcome you all in our campus. We believe students succeed when they are willing to assume responsibility for their own learning. I am honored to strengthen the legacy of our continued success, celebrating the 30 years of glory of our college.
Our aim is to educate and equip the students to be globally competitive and responsible citizen. Winners are what we produce at DMC. I request you to come with faith and confidence to work with dedicated and committed faculties. If you want to know, whether DMC suit you, we will be happy to welcome you at DMC to experience personally.

Ram Chandra Duwadi

Campus Chief

Welcome to DMC, a leading education institute in the historical district, Gorkha. Deciding a campus for higher studies is one of the most prominent decisions of your life. It determines not just where you are going to spend some years, but where you are going in life as well. Collaboration and support are central of the college ethos. Relationship between faculties and students is excellent. It is offering a quality higher education within the affordable investment supporting with scholarships opportunities for deserving students. We offer an ambience of learning where faculties and student interact for the complete spiritual and philosophical concerns. We make you to transplant your potential globally. Once you became the part of DMC family, this dynamic system demands your contribution so that others can benefit from your presence. We aim at a balance growth of individual and insist on both knowledge and wisdom. We believe in such education that not only make you capable but also inculcate good ethical and more values. You are welcomed to visit our college to see us in working environment.
I look forward to meeting you.

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Our Mission, Vision & Objectives

Mission and Vision

The vision of Drabya Shah Multiple Campus is to be developed as a “Center of Academic Excellence” in higher education by transforming into sustainable institution of higher education with provision of quality education. To evolve as center of academic excellence, DMC has a mission to launch demand based academic programs in various disciplines and promote research based teaching learning process to ensure quality education in the campus.


• To provide opportunities of higher education in the
• To ensure quality education at affordable cost. 
• To produce highly qualified graduates for competitive
global market. 
• To enhance holistic development of students. 
• To impart research based learning experience. 
• To install real zest and creativity. 
• To promote all round development of students abilities
through a  balanced,coherent , comprehensive curriculum
appropriate to their needs. 
• To impart students moral values.

Our Departments



To translate the campus’s vision of being Center for Excellence in Higher education, DMC has been going through the process of Quality Assurance and Accreditation since 2012.  DMC decided to participate in the QAA process on 5 July 2012 and submitted the letter of interest (LOI) on 8 July, 2012. Then, University Grants Commission(UGC) approved the eligibility of DMC in QAA on 8 July 2012 and conducted orientation cum Workshop on 12-13 August 2012. DMC formed Self-Assessment Team(SAT) on 16 August. 2012. SAT started to write Self Study Report plan, 24 August 2012.
            DMC submitted the first Draft of SSR to the University Grants Commission on 30th, December 2013. The campus revised the SSR and submitted it on September 3, 2016. The Revised SSR and additional annex were submitted on April 24, 2017. Coordinator Prof. Dr. Shiba Kumar Rai and Planning and Monitoring Officer Mr. Dipesh Singh visited DMC for preparation for Peer Review Team’s Visit on February 22 -25, 2019 and made some recommendations.  DMC is following those recommendations to achieve Quality Assurance and Accreditation in the following criteria.
1.  Policy and Procedure
2. Curricular Aspects
3. Teaching-learning and Evaluation System
4. Research, Consultancy, and Extension
5. Infrastructure and learning resources
6. Students Support
7. Information System
8. Public Information Cell
UGC will conduct a peer assessment visit soon.